About us

When I was a young girl, my mother would take my younger brother and me, to Italy every couple of years to visit our family.  She wanted to make sure, we knew our Italian family and culture, as much as our American.  One of my favorite things, I remember doing, was going shopping with my mother and Zias (aunts) in Brindisi, Roma and Milano.  Even though I was a child, I could tell that the quality of everything my family purchased for me in Italy was top notch.  The shoes I brought back to the States, lasted  longer; the jackets held up much better and we won’t even discuss how amazing the food was! As I grew up it was impossible to NOT equate Italy with great quality, taste and style.

The Claudia Jordan, Made in Italy, collection is a tribute to my family and my Italian heritage of style, quality and craftsmanship.  I wanted to have something to share with the world, Inspired by and Made in Italy, and these bags are just that!  I cannot wait to see my bags in the same windows of the very same stores I’d shop in Italy, as a young girl.  I know that you will enjoy my collection.